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    "A year ago today, I came home from my lasik surgery and was able to see better than I ever remember."

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    • A year ago today, I came home from my lasik surgery and was able to see better than I ever remember....truly a life changing day!!!

      Happy Birthday to my NEWsom EYES!


      Lisa O.

    How to Tell If You Have Cataracts

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    Cataracts are an age-related vision condition that create cloudy regions on the lens of the eye. A cataract disrupts vision by making objects appear hazy and distorting the glow of lights at night. Your eye care specialist can diagnose cataracts during a routine eye exam and suggest treatments such as eye surgery to restore clarity of vision.

    Cloudy Vision
    Cataracts reduce your ability to see objects clearly. You may notice haziness or cloudiness in your vision. Clouding of the eye’s lens may also cause blurred vision or dim vision, resulting in poor general quality of sight even in bright light. The need for more light to perform normal tasks may occur gradually, but is a sign of vision changes in the eye.

    Light Sensitivity
    Many people who suffer from cataracts experience heightened sensitivity to light. Lights may appear to have excess glare or haloes, reducing the quality of your vision at night. This sensitivity may be particularly noticeable when you are driving. Car headlights and streetlights may appear to obscure your vision while they are in view.

    Color and Contrast Changes
    Cataracts can also cause changes in the clarity of your color vision. You may notice a reduction in the intensity of colors or a yellowing of the colors that you see. Additionally, the contrast between objects may diminish, creating difficulty in distinguishing adjacent objects with similar hues.

    Large or Frequent Prescription Changes
    As you age, your eyesight become more stable and corrective lens prescriptions often vary little from year to year. However, cataracts can cause large changes in vision over a short period of time, resulting in the need for frequent or large prescription changes to retain visual acuity.

    Changes in your vision indicate that you should visit an eye care specialist for an examination and diagnosis. Newsom Eye offers routine eye care, diabetic eye care, cataract surgery, and more to improve and restore your vision and quality of life. Check us out on the web or call (813) 908-2020 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Newsom.

    On November 21st Newsom Eye sponsored a cancer benefit concert for Tanglewood!

    Last updated 1 year ago

    On Thursday, November 21, 2013,  Newsom Eye sponsored a cancer benefit concert for Tanglewood, a 55+ community that started raising money for the Cancer Society 14yrs ago. They raised a total of $430,000 in the past 14yrs! A huge thank you to Leesa for attending & speaking at the benefit. We appreciate the support! We sold 482 tickets, made a $1,000.00 donation to the Sebring H.S. Music Department and have a profit that should exceed $5,700.00 in total. What a great kick off for our 2014 Cancer Benefit!

    • Adam Meredith
    • Ashley Elder
    • Gary Johnson
    • Lindsey Sears
    • Matthew Wacaster
    • Nala Price
    • Sebring High Show Choir (2)

    Are You Too Old or Too Young for LASIK Surgery?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    LASIK eye surgery has grown in effectiveness and popularity since it first became available. Today, over one million LASIK procedures are performed each year in the U.S. As technology and techniques continue to advance, age is often not a significant factor in determining your LASIK candidacy.

    LASIK in Older Patients
    Many seniors hesitate to seek LASIK treatment because they feel they are too old for the procedure. However, there is no upper age limit on LASIK surgery procedures. Instead, your surgeon will evaluate the health needs of your eyes to determine whether LASIK or another surgical technique, such as cataract removal and lens replacement, will provide the most benefit. Patients with cataracts should not receive LASIK surgery, and cataracts are often associated with the aging process. It’s also important to note that LASIK surgery does not prevent cataracts, so you may need additional surgical treatment in the future as you continue to age. Other age-related health issues, such as diabetes, may also need to be evaluated before you can receive LASIK.

    LASIK in Younger Patients
    While there is no upper age limit for LASIK procedures, very young patients should be considered carefully before surgery is performed. The cornea of a young child does not respond to laser surgery in the same way that a mature cornea does, nor is there currently enough scientific evidence to determine the safety and efficacy of the procedure in children. LASIK is only recommended for young children in cases where severe eye conditions significantly limit vision.

    Patients come from all over the world to visit Dr. Newsom for LASIK eye surgery in Tampa. You can find out more about our high safety standards and effective treatment techniques by calling (813) 908-2020. Check us out on the web for a full listing of our eye care services or to schedule your consultation at Newsom Eye today.

    "Bounds of opportunity for the motivated"

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    • I worked at Newsom Eye full-time for more than 5 years

      ProsWorking at Newsom Eye is fast-paced and energetic environment. The opportunity to learn and grow is there for anyone who truly cares about their position w/ the company. I was w/ Newsom Eye for quite a while and enjoyed the... More

      Anonymous Employee

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